The Azimuth Angle of the Sun


Java applet Apparent Movement of a Star (on this server, with kind permission of Walter Fendt).

The azimuth angle Az of the Sun or a celestial body (St) is depending on it's declination Dec and altitude Alt, and on the latitude Lat of the observer (Astronomical/Nautical Triangle):

Sun azimuth angle

At sunrise (Alt=0°) the formula is more simple:

azimuth at sunrise

The following diagram is showing the azimuth angle at sunrise for different declinations (Dec=0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 23.4°) as a function of latitude:

Azimuth at sunrise declination latitude

Using the Local Hour Angle (LHA) the azimuth angle is given by:

Azimuth angle

Azimuth Angle Az as a function of Latitude for different Declinations and Hour Angles.

Azimuth Angle Az as a function of Hour Angle for different Declinations and Latitudes.

Azimuth Angle Az as a function of Declination for different Hour Angles and Latitudes.

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