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Pulkovo Observatory


Pulkovo Observatory

The Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory is the principal astronomical observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
located 19 km south of Saint Petersburg. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg.

The observatory was opened in 1839.
Originally, it was a brainchild of the German/Russian astronomer Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve (*1793 in Altona, + 1864 in Pulkowo),
who would become its first director. In 1861, his son Otto Wilhelm von Struve succeeded him (*1819 in Dorpat/Estonia, +1905 in Karlsruhe/Germany).

From 1890 to 1894 Fyodor Bredikhin was director of Pulkovo Observarory.

During the siege of Leningrad (19411944), the Observatory became the target of fierce German air raids and artillery bombardment.
All of the buildings were completely destroyed.

In 1946, it began the construction after having cleared the territory.
In May 1954, the Observatory was re-opened, not only having been restored
but considerably expanded in terms of instruments, employees and research subjects.

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