Due to the excentricity of the Earth's path, the percentage of daylight hours over a year is greater than 50 % for all latitudes ! (semidiameter of the Sun and atmospheric refraction taken into account)

The latest sunrise and the earliest sunset do not occur on the day of winter solstice. The dates are different and depend on the geographical latitude.


The sunrise/sunset diagram is for Berlin (52.51° N, 13.41° E):

Latest sunrise (2002):
December 30 at 07:17.1 UT.

Earliest sunset (2002):
December 14 at 14:52.2 UT.

For higher northern latitudes the date of latest sunrise will be earlier, and the date of earliest sunset will be later.











Shortest day:
December 21, 7 hours 39 minutes 27 sec.


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